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• 50 beds hospital  Set up
• General wards, ICU /Recovery beds, Critical bed, Suite    Rooms,  Deluxe Rooms, all  with Cable TV, Refrigerator,     Phone, A/C, Food, Tea, Cofee, etc.
• Central air-conditioning plant
• Central oxygen line
• Central mineral water plant
• Central hot water supply
• Central electronic door access controls,
• Central monitoring by cameras & CCTV
• Central music system
• Central public announcement system
• HI-tech Operation theatres, Labour rooms with Boyles
• Full fledged endoscope - Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy   Unit
  Velley lab vessel sealer (USA)
  Atlas ligasure (USA)
  Vaginal tissue fusion electrodes (USA)
• Underwater cautery 
• Bipolar vaginal cautery
• Thermal balloon ablasion
• Multipara-meter  monitors
• Dopplers
• Fetal monitor
• Colposcope
• Neonatal Resuscitation unit
• Neonatal Phototherapy unit
• CO2 Laser
• LAN   & Internet connectivity
• Website: ,
• Digital display, LCD, computers for patients’    education
• Three Live 3 D/ 4D  and three 2D sonography machines
• 100 seast Auditorium , video projector, video conferencing
• Medical store
• Pathology laboratory
  Post graduate teaching institute (Dip.,G.O)
• MIRACLE Test Tube Baby Research Centre (IVF- ICSI)  IUI, Semen & Embriyo freezing.
   Nikon - narishige micro manipulator (JAPAN)
   Heracell incubator (USA)
   Binder incubator (USA)
  Origio/planer Benchtop Incubator BT37 (Denmark).
Coda Aero <GenX> Hepa Filter (USA)
• ISO 9001 : 2008 Accreditation: internationally Recognised


  • Affiliated with CPS,Mumbai  (College of physicions and surgeons , Mumbai) Recognised by Maharastra Govt. and Gujarat Govt.
  About us
Sharda Hospital & Miracle test tube baby Research Centre is situated in the heart of  Surat city near Majura gate where most of the leading doctors of city practice.
After 30 years of medical practice, I have started Sharda Hospital & miracle test tube baby research centre with most modern set up.

It has 50 bed which include General wards, ICU/Recovery beds, Critical bed, Suite Rooms, Deluxe Rooms all with Cable TV, Refrigerator, Phone, A/C, food, Tea, Cofee, etc.


It has central air-conditioning plant , central oxygen line , central mineral water plant , central hot water supply, central electronic door access controls, central monitoring by cameras, central music system, central public announcement system.

Hi-tech Operation Theatres and Labor rooms  are fully equipped with central oxygen line with  Boyles , modern hi-tech gadgets like full-fledged Endoscopy- Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy  unit, Valley lab Force Triad vessel sealer, Atlas ligasure, Vaginal tissue fusion electrodes(MAX,GEM), underwater cautery, bipolar vaginal cautery, Multipara meters monitors, Dopplers, Fetal monitor, colposcope, Neonatal Resuscitation unit, Phototherapy unit ,TCRE, etc.

All  computers are with wired and wireless LAN connectivity , internet connectivity for broad-casting of live surgeries worldwide through our website 
Digital display, LCD, computers for patients’ education, Three Live 3D/ 4D and three 2D sonography machines are feather caps of our hospital.


Hospital has 100 seats Auditorium with a video projector  and facility of video conferencing.
Basement has other consulting rooms. Hospital has medical store & Ambulance service.


Miracle Test Tube Bbaby centre & Full-fledged IVF, ICSI centre having facility of Andrology lab. Embryo lab, Embryo transfer OT, Sperm & Embriyo freezing.

ISO 9001 - 2008 Accrediation : Internationally Recognised.


Hospital has qualified well trained staff, round the clock resident doctors and visiting physician, surgeon, pediatrician and full time two gynecologists.
We wish to develop and implement any new advances in medicine immediately.


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